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singer  |  songwriter

"I've always felt like an old soul and through my music I want to honour
the classics of the iconic 50's - the fashion and the beauty, but most importantly, the honesty behind the music."
Ashleigh Watson

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It has been such a pleasure working with Ashleigh over the last few years through Hollywood Immersive.

I have watched her develop strongly as an artist and I believe she will be a serious player in the near future. She has the talent, focus, determination and no BS attitude that you would expect of an emerging young Star - and I am not surprised that she is already receiving well deserved recognition internationally.


Director. Hollywood Immersive. Los Angeles.

I met Ashleigh in 2013 and was impressed with her extraordinary songwriting and singing ability and her willingness to work hard at her craft. At the time, I had many young musicians from the Hollywood Immersive program ask me if I would work with them on their song writing skills but Ashleigh is the only one I accepted... I saw something in her music; a unique sound, and a drive, that I did not see from the other participants. That reason alone is why I believe Ashleigh has the tools to pursue a career in the music industry...


...her ability to improvise vocally is also a trait hard to find in young musicians these days. Ashleigh’s vocal agility rivals many other singers on the radio today, with exact precision and execution.


As a package, Ashleigh is the ideal candidate for work in the industry because her skills go far beyond that of a basic musician.


Songwriter, Producer, Author, Record Label Exec, and Recording Artist.

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