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I Review The Kit Kat Store!

August 8, 2017

Hey guys!


Find out what I think about the Kit Kat shop in Melbourne!


It's time for my 6th Vlog!


On a night out at Melbourne Central to visit the Unicorn Festival, my cousin Hannah took me to the new Kit Kat shop where you can design your own block!



If you're looking for a cool, original gift for someone, this is definitely a great option. The cost is about $15, with more mix-ins resulting in a larger cost.


All you have to do is choose your fav chocolate type: milk, dark or white. And choose any number of mix-ins. I had popping candy, raspberry and pretzels! Sounds weird but the salt mixed with the sweet was really nice.


Then you can choose the wrapping paper design, PLUS put your name on the front.

It just a bit of fun for something to do whilst at the shopping centre.

I'd definitely recommend it, especially for kids :)


I made a Vlog about the whole thing which you can find on my Youtube page: https://youtu.be/DBhYK7eTOis

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Thanks for reading guys. Catch you soon.


Ash xo

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