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Record With Me!

July 28, 2017

Hey guys!


Join me as I record one of my originals!


It's time for my 4th Vlog so I thought it would be cool to show you all how I record a new song.

My friend Nic has a home studio, and he's also super multi-talented. He plays all the instruments on this track (not at the same time though) ;)




The track is called 'Down To The Water'. It's one of the first original songs I ever wrote. I finally decided it was time to record it properly. It has a Gospel/Blues feel to it. I think it came to me as I was driving one day!

I had heaps of fun recording. Thanks Nic! We decided to record an acoustic version which you can check out here: https://youtu.be/mqp9QTpt9Uk 


I made a Vlog about the whole day which you can find on my Youtube page: https://youtu.be/MZvvhNMqONE


Ash xo

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