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Breaking the Barrier Interview

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Hey guys,

I thought I'd share my interview with Andrew Lorenzo from the 'Breaking The Barrier' podcast with you.

I recently had a chat with the Andrew about how I deal with knock backs and my plans for the future.

Above all, there are several dot points to take away from the podcast that  summarise my ideas on 'making it', in the industry:

1. There are no easy roads. Do the work for what you want to achieve.

2. Make sure to write down your goals and roadmap your plan.

3. Knock backs will happen. Make sure you get back up and keep going!

4. It's ok to lean on someone else for support, you don't have to go it alone.

5. When change occurs, flow with it.

Thanks for the chat Andrew! If anyone reading this is interested in running, or fitness podcasts, 'Breaking The Barrier' is truly inspirational.

You can find the 'Breaking The Barrier' website here:

Thanks for reading guys. Catch you soon.

Ash xo

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